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Dry Powder Storage, Weighing & Handling

Digital Weigh Indicators & Transmitters

Dataline 240
The Dataline 240 is digital weight indicator that displays the weight of silos on a 5 digit display. Load cells at the base of the silo transmit a reading of resistance to the indicator, which translates this into a digital readout. This gives the operator an accurate indication of how much material in the silo and when an order is due along with cutting off the feed so that the silo does not run on empty.

The loads cells are calibrated using a known weight at least 60% that of a full silo. This calibration is done when the silo is first filled. Software features including tare, zeroing, in-flight compensation, peak picking and extensive alarm functions.

The Digital Weigh Indicators can be retro fitted to an existing plant or incorporated to new treatment works. With our experience and reliability we offer a wide range of applications and systems, custom designed to suit the specification. SKE technical support provides advice and guidance from design through to installation with after-care and advice as paramount.

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